BCM 341

When is science the most fun?

When you are doing  it.

Discovery is what science is all about. And that is what BCM 341 is all about. BCM 341 is a place to learn and engage with biochemistry as it is being done – today. We learn not only how modern biochemistry is being done, but also how to ask questions of our own.

I wrote a paper about this course in 2011, but it is changing still. It is part of my most recent NSF proposal, so I can interject a new research project into the laboratory component.

If you’ve done science, you know that there is much of the mundane alongside the inspirational. I found that most of that “mundane” was sucking my time away in the teaching laboratory. I didn’t want to be spending all my time in the teaching laboratory showing students how to operate a specific piece of instrumentation…what buttons to push, how many washes, etc. So I started recording myself – using my iPad – operating instrumentation and executing basic technique. I make students watch these videos before lab, so that they know how to operate the UV-Vis – for example – before coming to class, making data interpretation possible and meaningful.

That initial idea has mushroomed into a fairly large archive of research and teaching instrumentation and technique for the organic and biochemistry teaching lab, and the biochemistry research lab.

You see the video collection here.